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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Serius : Poster Filem dengan Aksi atau Idea yang Sama (12 Photos)

Mungkin ramai designer dah kekurangan idea kerana hampir semua poster filem kini mempunyai aksi, posisi atau idea yang sama. Tak percaya?

Tiny people on the bech, giant heads in the clouds

Sexy Back (Most Likely to Contain Weaponry)

Back to back

 The bed

 I've got my eyes on you

Nature is blue

Black and orange combination

Run for your life

 Legs wide spead

Is That Your Face Or Are the Drugs Kicking In?

The Red Dress Never Goes Out of Fashion


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

so true. try tgk negara kt pny plk

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

mmg habis idea kalau jd designer.

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