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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Superbike "KickBoxer" Yang Super Stress!!

MaxJinx nak review satu supebike yang memang cun gila babas.. "KickBoxer" .. Memang smart... 

Kickboxer is out kicking on the road again, but this time it’s been fed with diesel. Power has been kept intact even after the engine looks a bit too compressed as compared to its gasoline counterpart. Keeping all the standards packed, it has power plugged in both wheels. To make it appear a bit different from the gasoline version; the swing arms, turbo layout and the bodywork have been given an overhaul.

With an eye for detail Ian McElroy has made sure the LED lighting looks sleek and attractive. The motorcycle, a dream for the designer has a turbojet placed under the engine and a radiator below the seat. Special bodywork that is light in weight and an inter cooler affixed at the front, this motorbike has some standards for bike lovers.

Kaler orange ni memang smart abes!!! 



baca dan senyum said... Best Blogger Tips

halamak terbaik lah

Phat said... Best Blogger Tips

gile ar...smart betul

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

superbike ni.. rantai depan belakang, 2 wheel drive ke..?

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